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Social Media Marketing

1 out of every 3 minutes spent online is on a social media platform.

A social media marketing strategy is critical for a brand to grow in the current digital landscape. This allows for your business to grow a following with your target audience and customers, which also strengthens your brand image.


At Cosmos, we take our strategy one step further by looking past just conversions and click rates. We take the time to understand your brand ethos and ensure that our strategy is the right match for your brand. We aim for differentiation, brand equity and customer satisfaction.


We believe in sustainable growth for your business. We want your social media presence to continue to grow in the long term, with consistent positive ROI’s.

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Facebook Ads

If you want leads, downloads, traffic or anything else inbetween

Target the right people and drive traffic to your website using Facebook’s powerful targeting tools. At Cosmos, we take pride in delivering you data-driven campaigns with qualified leads so you can witness a positive return on your investment.

Instagram Ads

Build brand awareness and recognition. Get loyal customers. 

Paid ads are more than just increasing followers, likes and comments. Although it is nice to see people engaging with your brand this way, we understand that a business needs sales to survive. That is where we come in, build an Instagram presence that not only gets engagement but makes you sales!

instagram ads
linkedin ads

Linkedin B2B

When you want B2B leads and bigger deals

There's no denying it; If you want your business to succeed you need to have some high-value contracts under your belt, small consumers flake, and cant guarantee you the revenue a big deal can. In the past, you had no choice but to go down the expensive route of a BDM or team of salespeople to get you the right connections. Now, while that's still effective it definitely is not the right solution for everyone. With LinkedIn, that process is now cheaper and more effective than ever for startups.