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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective strategy to re-market to existing customers or bring in new business from customers that are still in the decision making phase of their research, converting leads into sales.

Why Email Marketing?

Let’s be clear when talking about email marketing we are not referring to sending spam emails, which is possibly one of the worst ways to generate business. Effective email marketing involves reaching out to a mailing list of customers or leads who have agreed to be contacted previously. 


One of the biggest benefits of marketing via email is the lack of competition. Whenever you create social media ads, google ads or any other form of PPC advertising, you will be bidding against all of your competitors for the same customers. Once you generate a mailing list, you and only you own this. None of your competitors will be placing ads on your emails, 100% of the exposure belongs to you and your customers can stay more focused on what you have to offer.

Lead Conversion


Not all leads are made equal. Some will be ready to buy on the spot, others take time and want to shop around for longer. Email marketing campaigns allow you to nurture your leads throughout the sales pipeline keeping them informed and making sure that you are on the top of the list of companies they are considering to purchase a service from. 

Now, what if you haven't been great at following up leads, or some have just slipped through the cracks? An effective email marketing campaign will allow you to re-impulse these leads that you worked so hard to capture and put them back through the pipeline. 

All this will help improve your bottom line by saving money on new lead generation. If you want to know more about decreasing your costs check out our business development services.



Building strong brand loyalty can be a challenge for emerging businesses, especially e-commerce companies in red ocean markets, where your competitors are constantly bombarding your customers with potentially better offers than yours. Introducing seasonal sales, special offers or even existing customer only deals, to a mailing list of previous customers that have already experienced and enjoyed your products can be a fast and cost-effective way to create an impulse that leads to a purchase and over time builds loyalty into your brand.

Reviving Sales


If you own an e-commerce business something you are all too familiar with is customers filling up their shopping carts and not completing the purchase. An effective email marketing campaign paired with a limited time discount can be a quick and easy fix to reviving these abandoned shopping carts finally getting the sale. 

Mailing lists don’t just generate themselves, and purchasing data is ineffective. So you will need to run some kind of lead generation to get the ball rolling. Check out our list of inbound marketing services to find the best option for you or contact us today if you are not sure!