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The Cosmos Innovate Project

At Cosmos, we back people. We back people that have the courage to change the world. We also know that getting a business off the ground can be one of the hardest things you do in your lifetime. Through our innovative project, we provide our full suite of services with no weekly fees to a select few entrepreneurs. Think of us as the best business partner you could dream of.

So what is the Innovate Project?

If you have been shopping around for a marketing company you will have noticed that all their work is going to be charged as a weekly or monthly fee. Makes sense. 


But what happens if you can’t afford their fees? 

Well, no services for you, simple as that!

What happens if you can afford their fees but they don't deliver? 

Not their problem pay up!


Our solution is simple, we put our money where our mouths are. We take equity in your startup in exchange for our services, or a royalty fee/commission on what we sell on your behalf. 


What happens if you can't afford marketing fees?

Your fees are going to be a percentage of your profit, no profit, no fees.


What happens if we don’t deliver?

Same answer, no profit, no fees.


See the difference?

Let's start by talking about problems

I got 99 problems...and 99 more

The main reasons businesses fail is ineffective marketing, inability to secure mutually beneficial deals with third parties and a lack of capital. Let’s face it all of this is expensive, and startups often have not been around for long enough to be able to secure deals and form relationships with the right people and companies to really radically change their performance.

There are two avenues you can take. You can try to solve all of these problems in-house, and this is possibly the most expensive way of doing things and takes the longest. Even some of the biggest companies around will outsource this kind of work.

Your other option is to outsource. But what needs to be outsourced? In the end, you will end up sending your sales and marketing needs to a marketing firm, and business development to a different firm, and graphic design work to someone else, the list goes on, and so do the costs. At Cosmos, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs, and with The Innovate Project, all you need is a great idea, and we will take care of everything else, from marketing to business development to securing capital.

With well over 50,000 advertising agencies and business development firms in the world, how do you choose the right one for you? Most startups will end up signing up with a cheaper option, digital marketing and especially SEO work can be expensive, and with limited capital, most businesses have no choice.

Pay with peanuts get monkeys

The problem with cheaper firms is that you will receive a mass-produced cookie-cutter approach, where a basic template that has been used thousands of times over is reused but with your company name. These approaches do not work, you will simply get a similar result to what you could get on your own after spending 30 minutes reading up on basic FB marketing and google ads tutorials. With no serious work done to your campaigns and no advice or guidance provided your campaigns will be posted, and you will be billed even if there is a much better approach. These companies focus on churning out as many clients as they can, which eventually leave them once they realise that their methods do not work.

On the other hand, you can elect to go with a more premium marketing firm like Cosmos. These companies have high fees, but the quality of their work is unparalleled. These types of companies will take the time to understand your business and will create campaigns from the ground up that are designed to help you succeed. Some, just like Cosmos, will also have a graphics department to create custom content that is unique to you and your brand. The problem with this is that it will always come at an extremely high cost, which a budding startup company can’t afford. 


So you are faced with a choice, subscribe to a cut-rate marketing company that won't deliver results but whose fees you can afford, or daydream about signing with a top tier firm that will deliver results you thought were impossible but whose fees you can not afford?

There is a better way!

With the Cosmos Innovate Project, we can offer our full suite of marketing, business development, e-commerce and sales services, and work on a commission or equity arrangement, giving startups the opportunity to compete with the big players and penetrate markets that would have normally been so far out of their reach.