I’ll always choose to stand with someone who has experienced having nothing; no money or prospect for success. I choose to stand with that person because they are the ones that have the perspective to be able to say “this is the 

absolute bottom and my only way to succeed is to fight my way to the top”.  I choose to stand with them because they are the ones that can’t sleep at night, they are the ones that have a fire burning inside them, an unchallengeable instinct to hunt down everything they could ever want to achieve because they know that no one will ever hand it to them on a silver platter.

They are the ones that will set a goal for themselves, and every time they get close to achieving it, when that goal is at the tips of their fingers, they will without hesitation move the bar even higher, and keep pushing themselves 'that tiny bit more’ again and again. Ironically they, in their own minds, are never satisfied, because they don’t allow themselves the time to appreciate their success, because in their minds ‘success’ is always just at the tips of their fingers, but never quite in the palm of their hands.

In doing so they leave everyone else in the dust, they naturally lead people along their path, they inspire and innovate the world we live in, just by pure instinct.

I choose to stand with that person,
I choose to be a part of that journey.

  Chris Khoury

  founder & CEO


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